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Handling project documentation using CVS

From: prhodes
Subject: Handling project documentation using CVS
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2001 17:28:27 -0400

Hello all, I was wondering if some of you nice people could give me some
feedback on an issue I've been wrestling with.

Besides the actual source code to a project, I also need the ability to
version design documentation ( and maybe other stuff, but this is my
immediate concern ).   By design documentation, I mean things like Visio
documents, with UML diagrams, etc.

I am debating whether or not it makes sense to put this stuff into my CVS
repository.  And if I do, I'm wondering what the best approach is. Just
create a
subdir called "docs" in my source tree, and stick that stuff in? Or maybe
make a parallel project, just for docs.  Example: Project named WCISP,
project named WCISPDocs.

On one level, I have a feeling that CVS isn't the best way to handle
versioning these documents.  It kinda feels like using the wrong tool for
the job. But, on the
other hand, I can't think of any really, really, solid reasons why NOT to
do it.

So, if some of you have some experience, or thoughts, on this issue, please
share them with me.


Phillip Rhodes
Application Designer
Voice Data Solutions
919-571-4300 x225

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