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Re: commit as root.

From: Philip Lijnzaad
Subject: Re: commit as root.
Date: 11 Oct 2001 16:42:17 +0100

> Hello everybody!

> I have a question. I need to work as root in a specific project. 

(I would try to find another solution, frankly)

> But, when I
> try to commit the modified files, I get a message telling that commit cannot
> be done as root. 

Are you using the :ext: protocol, or direct file access? If the latter,
switch to :ext:. If the former, are you using rsh (boo! hiss! all the more
if you're root, although usually  root acccess for the r-commands is
disabled)? If so, put something like the following in your .ssh/config:

Host rootcvs
  User root

Then check-out as:

 cvs -d ':ext:rootcvs:/path/to/cvsroot' co the-module

(and/or change the contents of CVS/Root to this above string).  From this on,
things should work, provided that ssh allows root access (which I'm not at
all sure about). You will probably want to add localhosts's to
cvsroot host's ~root/authorized_hosts, and also you'll want to run an
ssh-agent to take care of passwords.


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