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view differences in the CvsIn

From: Greenberger, Hila
Subject: view differences in the CvsIn
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001 15:24:15 +0200

I need some help with the CvsIn (add-on of the WinCvs to the Visual C++).
I'm using the Beyond Compare to view the differences between two versions of
a file.
I've setup the Beyond Compare as an external diff program both in the WinCvs
preferences and in the CvsIn.
When I've pressed the diff button in the WinCvs it opens a dialog in which I
can choose the version that I want to compare 
my file with. Doing the same thing in the through the Visual C++ with the
tool bar of the CvsIn won't open the dialog box, 
instead it opens directly the external diff program.
When I open the Beyond Compare through the WinCvs, after I choose to compare
with "the same remote version" in the mentioned dialog box, 
it opens my file and the recent version of the file from the repository
(which now is in a temporary directory). 
When I open the Beyond Compare through the Visual C++, it opens my file
(which I've changed earlier) 
and the version that I have in my local workspace (which isn't the latest
version in the repository).

Why is that happening?

Is there something I can to force the CvsIn work exactly like the WinCvs in
this case?

Any help would be appreciated!


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