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From: Wim Dausy
Subject: file,t
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2001 15:08:19 +0200

What are and of what purpose are *,t-files?
In my case they seem to be appeared when new files where created.
I'm suffering from unresolved conflicts which I can't resolve,
update won't work (cvs update: conflict: *file* created independently by
second party)
andso cvs doesn't give me any conflicts (in the files I'm refering to)
to resolve.
It looks like I'm forced to release (delete) these files and check them
out again.
Any other suggestions?

#maybe useful:
File: *file*               Status: Unresolved Conflict
   Working revision:    New file!
   Repository revision: /home/***/*file*

If you like to know what I did, or what happened whit these files, same
I can't remember because I've been out for a while.
Maybe someone can tell me what I did wrong or what could have happened.


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