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RE: Making a file writeable

From: Lape, Bryon
Subject: RE: Making a file writeable
Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2001 16:14:11 -0400

Thanks for the info.  I found this just after posting.  But this does help
to defeat locking if one cannot choose files individually.

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Subject: Re: Making a file writeable

> When a Linux user goes a checkout of a module, all the files are
> writeable and they stay that way even after a commit.  When a Windows
> user, however, does a checkout via WinCVS, all the files are read-only.
> Is there a way to make them writeable via WinCVS?  Also, when the files
> are comitted, they become read-only as well.

Open your Admin->Preferences menu.  Select the tab labeled "Globals" from
the resulting dialog.  Look for a checkbox labeled "Checkout read-only."
Uncheck it.

That should fix your problem, I think.


Phillip Rhodes
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