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From: John Gagon
Subject: Help!
Date: 9 Oct 2001 07:53:11 -0700

I am a former VSS (Visual Source Safe)user and am trying out
CVS/WinCVS beta which supposedly comes with CVSNT. (I think I
read that on the CVSNT readme.)

Well, it is getting very confusing. The help on WinCVS is also
confusing. I understand the semantics of import, checkout and so forth
but trying to do what I want is frustrating...even after searching
newsgroups for howtos and faqs and so forth. I get info on how to
connect remotely but nothing on setting up a development source
repository that is thorough. So I am trying the simplest thing
first.(supposedly) Set up locally and add some source files I have.

To start, I made a repository and a working and a home directory. I've
unzipped and installed with the setup.exe and accepted all defaults in
the setup dialogs. Then I explored all the menus and set up under
*admin-preferences with local, /home, /home. Then I did *create-create
a new repository and used local,/repository, /repository. Is that
right? Also, how to I start to create a directory structure? Do I add
directories directly with Windows Explorer to repository?

Other Questions:

1) Why do I see my whole hard drive there.
2) need to specify a path every time I check out?
3) Finally, how do I get others to connect to this. I don't see the
CVSNT part that I used to see when I had WinCVS 1.2 and CVSNT
downloaded from

If anyone can point me or walk me through any of this, I would be very

Thank you.

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