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line ending conversions

From: Matt McClure
Subject: line ending conversions
Date: 09 Oct 2001 10:03:22 -0400
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I noticed that the info node "How to store binary files" says:

    ... CVS by default converts line endings between the canonical form
    in which they are stored in the repository (linefeed only), and the
    form appropriate to the operating system in use on the client (for
    example, carriage return followed by line feed for Windows NT).

But I have also noticed some text files in my repository that have CRLF
line endings.  I think I understand how this happened, but just to

The files were created with GNU Emacs on Windows 2000, which uses CRLF
line endings, by default.  They were committed to the repository using
Cygwin CVS.  Does Cygwin CVS assume that LF is the "form appropriate to
the operating system on the client", and thus neglect to convert the
line endings?


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