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cvs or rcs permissions in a secure environment

From: Marc Thornton
Subject: cvs or rcs permissions in a secure environment
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2001 19:01:54 -0400

Currently using RCS on Solaris 2.7 and am wondering whether
  a) I can solve the issue below while continuing use of RCS (preferred in
the short term... deadlines!) and/or
  b) If moving to CVS (whether local or over network) will help solve it

Okay, the issue:  using an ACL to apply permissions on the directories and
due to ACL limitations, I'm forced to give group access to the files to all
developers.  Unfortunately, developers with the right ACL permissions (and
maybe some without.. haven't checked) are actually able to go to the
directory (through their RCS symlink, for example) and delete the ,v files
that are in the repository!  (and someone has done just that... luckily
there wasn't a whole lot in that section of the repository at the time).
This, of course, wipes out the repository  itself.

Any help or ideas on how to secure this environment, both short and long
term, would be greatly appreciated...

Marc Thornton

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