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CVS, NFS Filesystem, and failover

From: Andrew McGhee
Subject: CVS, NFS Filesystem, and failover
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2001 14:09:52 +0100

I've heard it mentioned on this newsgroup that mixing NFS with CVS is a bad

Can anyone elaborate more one this?

The idea in mind is a CVS server has a repository that is NFS mounted from
an external storage system.

      (CVS server)             (Backup CVS server)
    (Server exporting)
  (NFS /cvs filesystem)

The goal here is to have;
1. A backup CVS server, in case the first one fails.
2. Disk storage from an external source (such as a NetApp system), that hase
high capacity, is used for several different storage systems, and can
centralize backups.
3. Possible to have backup CVS server come on line if the primary CVS server
fails (mounting the NFS system, and taking over the IP address of the first

Any ideas? Are we barking up the wrong tree?


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