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How to do this...

From: reg
Subject: How to do this...
Date: Sun, 07 Oct 2001 21:01:31 -0600

I still don't understand CVS's inner workings well enough to know if there
is an easier way to do this...

I have two directory systems of source, about 800MB each, containing a code
that I want to put under CVS.

The first directory system contains the 'original' version of the code.
The Second directory system has the code with the changes to date, mostly 
changes from one OS to another, this will be the starting point for my CVS 
version of the code.

OK, no problem (well problems that I have been able to solve) in getting the
original version of the code under CVS.

Now to get the changes in I had several thoughts:

    (1) my first thought was just to 'cd' to the 'changed' directory and do
        a commit.
    (2) more likely, first do a checkout (somewhere), THEN cd to the 'changed'
        directory and do the commit.
    (3) BUT, I ask does CVS 'need' information in the CVS subdirectories in 
        checked out code?  Third thought, and the one I actually tried, tho it 
        was more work, was to checkout the code, then do a tar->tar to transfer 
        the files from the changed directory in on top of the checked-out
        directory.  This gives (leaves?) the CVS subdirectories in place so 
        it seemed safest.  Then did a commit from the top of the checkout 

Should all (or any) of these work, or only #3?  Is there a simpler method?
For the record, CVS gave me a number of

        cvs commit: Examining src/whatever

messages, but no indication that it actually did anything (sigh).
I can't believe I used the wrong directory, but anything is possible,
will have to check the repository files tomorrow morning to see if there is any
indication of changes in the files that DO have changes...
And then try it again, watching my fingers more carefully...

- -- 

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