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RE: Checkout text files with the Unix LF (Oxa) - from command lin e

From: Kostur, Andre
Subject: RE: Checkout text files with the Unix LF (Oxa) - from command lin e
Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2001 09:26:18 -0700

> RE: Checkout text files with the Unix LF (Oxa) - from command
> line(...)
> >> empty. What to do to run that option (Unix LF) when I use cvs
> >> from command
> >> line in Windows.
> (...)
> >I'm probably going to regret asking, but why would you want
> to not use the
> host EOL character?
> > Reminder that sharing a local workspace between two
> computers isn't a
> recommended idea....
> Hi!
> Simply we configured our repository using option "checkout
> text files with
> the Unix LF", and on all computers we use WinCvs. Up to now
> we didn't have
> any problems. But from few days I want to run program which makes html
> documentation on one Windows computer .
> So I need to do the following steps:
> 1) update all repository
> 2) document all files with my program (something like javadoc)
> I wrote Windows script (.bat) which does all that operation
> every one hour.
> But there is a problem. When I update repository, cvs
> destroys all ends of
> lines (cvs update -P -A -d directory). I need to have files
> with Windows
> type ends of lines.
> So I still need your help.

If you're doing the work on a Windows box, why wouldn't the application expect Windows EOL characters?  I think there's some missing information here...  offhand the only reason I can think of your request making sense is that if you are using WinCVS to checkout the repository onto some shared drive (using NFS, or Samba) and your tools are being run on a UNIX box.  But, since you're using WinCVS on the development side, and you're using a Windows Batch file on the automated side, I don't understand where the requirement for UNIX EOL is.....

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