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cvs checkout -D gives signal 11

From: Steve Fox
Subject: cvs checkout -D gives signal 11
Date: 04 Oct 2001 10:52:29 -0500

After a user started reporting receiving signal 11 during a 'cvs co -D',
I searched through the list archives and found someone's suggestion that
it could be a corrupt file where the formatting is off.

Luckily the user didn't want that file anymore so I was able to fix the
problem merely by removing it.

Below is the contents of the "bad" file:
<---- file start below ---->
head     ;
access   ;
symbols  ;
locks    ; strict;
comment  @# @;


<----- file end above ---->

>From looking at the Attic and speaking to the user I know these details.
- At some point, someone was renaming a file for letter case reasons.
I've had many Windows users experience problems removing a file in one
case, then adding it with 1 or 2 letters differing only by case.
- The timestamp on the bad file and the one in the Attic is the same.
- The user said that the bad file should have been one being removed
too, i.e. in the Attic, but it did not get to the Attic, and hence

So I'm just curious what people think about this scenario and hoping it
might possibly lead to tracking down why this happened to prevent future

Thanks for your time.


Steve Fox
IBM Linux Technology Center

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