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Updating MainTrunk is updating Branch as well

From: Garg, Sukh
Subject: Updating MainTrunk is updating Branch as well
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2001 11:48:05 -0400

pls help me out.
File: browse.jsp       Status: Up-to-date

   Working revision:
   Repository revision: /cvs/NewJSP/src/products/browse.jsp,v
   Sticky Tag:          (none)
   Sticky Date:         (none)
   Sticky Options:      -kb

   Existing Tags:
        NewJSP-2001_10_01-Branch1   (branch:
        NewJSP-2001_10_01-Tag1     (revision:
        NewJSP_Rel_1               (revision:
        init                            (revision:
        start                           (branch: 1.1.1)

Above output is a result of "cvs status -v" command for my prj.

1. everything whatever i did, i did it from client WinNT.(CVS server is
Tagging is done using rtag i.e "cvs rtag tagName moduleName"
Branching is done using rtag i.e "cvs rtag -b -r tagName branchName

Now questions :
1. Is my approach for Tagging & branching OK???
2. If it's Ok then why changes made on Main Trunk are visible on Branch as
well.Though i never merged main trunk with branch.

So pls suggest me what's wrong.


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From: Tobias Brox [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: Wednesday, October 03, 2001 6:14 PM
To: Arcin Bozkurt - Archie
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Subject: Re: one working copy affecting/affected by two repositories...

[Arcin Bozkurt - Archie - Wed at 04:46:34PM -0400]
> For simple reasons like
> - backing up my work

You probably want a better backup regime anyway.

> - not putting unstable code on the real repository

You might use branching.

> How is it possible to have a working directory be affected by 2 
> different repository on different machines??

I haven't checked it up myself, but try searching up the CVSup script - it
is for mirroring repositories, and might be what you need.

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