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Web developpement with CVS...

From: jkemp
Subject: Web developpement with CVS...
Date: Wed, 03 Oct 2001 21:17:46 GMT


We are trying to install CVS on one of our server.  Right now, it's up
and running and works pretty fine.  It runs on a Linux box and we can
connect to it with WinCvs on our Win2000 workstations.

The problem is simple : we do web developpement, which means the
latest version of the files should always be present on the server,
not only in the cvs repository.

Let me explain myself : 

Suppose we're working on a project with some PHP, I don't want to
install PHP on every programmer's workstations...  I'd like them to
simply checkout their their changes..commit it and than
check (via their web browser) on the server to see if it's right...

What is the best way to do this ?  Is there any way to ask CVS to copy
the changed file at the right place, and this, at each commit ?  Since
we host sites both on Linux and Win2000, will cvs even be able to copy
the files over the network to another web server ?

Thanks a lot people... I hope this is not too stoopid :)


Jonathan Kemp
Internet Services Manager
Capella Technologies

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