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Re: Need help

From: Tadeusz Liszka
Subject: Re: Need help
Date: Wed, 03 Oct 2001 13:28:27 -0500


Larry Jones wrote:
> Tadeusz writes:
> >
> > The script/code  listed in commitinfo is invoked with directory path and
> > names of files just before they are to be checked. But how can I access
> > the actual file to verify that it is 'conforming' ?
> The script is invoked in the directory containing the files to be
> committed, so you can just open them by name.  The directory name is
> provided for reference (in case you want to do different checks in
> different directories), you don't need to use it to access the files.

Ok. - but not in the case of client/server - then the script works on the
server machine containing remote repository but not input files. Actually I
had problem finding where the script is invoked at all.

We have another script verifying commit restrictions, but it is based on
file/directory names only, no file content is used, so it works for remote
repository as well.

I need to check the file content before the commit, so I cannot use ,v file
to extract the content, also this would be too costly for my purpose - I
hoped that the file in explicit form is available somewhere.

> -Larry Jones
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