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Networked file system permission

From: Stanton, Curt (NCI/IMS)
Subject: Networked file system permission
Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2001 07:53:14 -0400

here is the error I get when I try to commit a change.

cvs.exe [commit aborted]: cannot create temporary file ¬ĚLI: Permission

My question is where does cvs try to create the temp file.  I believe that I
am in a group that has permission to write to the project directory in the
module.  is there someplace else that I need to have permissions for?
Thanks in advance for any help you can give me

-that was a message I sent out before.

        I figured out that the problem is when I try to have a working
directory on a networked file system.  My question remains, where is it
trying to make a temp file.  I am running WinNT 4.0  I have all the
variables TMP, TEMP, and TMPDIR set to C:\TEMP.  I am using WinCVS and I
have also tried this from the command prompt with a local executable of CVS.
Shouldn't it be trying to create the temp file on the hard drive?  It seems
like it is trying to make the temp file on the networked drive, which, I am
not sure what the case is, but I believe either doesn't have the TEMP
variable( or which ever one it may be looking for) set, or it doesn't have
write access to the temp directory on that file system.  Anyone have any
Thanks again.

-Curt Stanton

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