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Re: Locks, pls help

From: raptor
Subject: Re: Locks, pls help
Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2001 09:31:44 +0200

| > I'm tring a loginfo-script.. and I got lock problems..
| [snip]
| > I've read in the manual but the explanation of the LOCKS is too 'blury'
]- what this mean !!!

| > First of all I have to create #cvs.lock dir,
| Why?
| Have you read the manual section on loginfo?

]- Now I see, I didn't read this part of the Docs (blame me for that :"),
what I've read was the book for CVS and I'm using "info CVS" just like
reference ).
But the main questions stays :
WHAT is the reason to hold the lock when the commit is successful at the
time of log-info ? There should be some reason, aren't it ? :")
It would be more strightforward to not-do-fork if possible, especially if u
are under NT.(i'm not :") )


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