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How to use CVSup and edits/watches?

From: Arthur Eschenlauer
Subject: How to use CVSup and edits/watches?
Date: Tue, 2 Oct 2001 04:27:44 -0700 (PDT)

Given that:
1. CVSup is being used to pull changes committed to a master repository
to local replicas.  The datalinks to the master site are of moderate
speed and reliability.
2. In the master repository, a branch is made in each revision file for
each development site.
3. Developers get tested code from the trunk using the local replica.
4. Developers commit their untested code to their local branch in their
local replica.
5. Testers get untested code from the local branch of the local
6. Testers commit tested code to the main branch in the master

How do you suggest that watches be implemented, given that they are
tracked in ./CVS/fileattr files in the repository hierarchy?

For an example of why I ask this question, consider the following
1. Users are expected to issue 'cvs watch' and 'cvs edit' commands
against the master repository
2. The datalink back to the master repository is temporarily
3. A user would need to wait till the datalink is up before being able
to 'cvs watch' or 'cvs edit' a file.  The user would need to keep
manual records of which files need to be watched or edited once the
datalink becomes available.

Obviously, automation could be useful here, so before I attempt to
reinvent the wheel, has anyone previously addressed this issue?

Arthur Eschenlauer (address@hidden)
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