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Re: wincvs - can't see the list of files on the right pane

From: Kaz Kylheku
Subject: Re: wincvs - can't see the list of files on the right pane
Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2001 04:43:48 GMT
User-agent: slrn/ (Linux)

In article <address@hidden>, wrote:
>I am new to CVS and I have the following problems ...
>- when I change the browse location to the apporporiate directory, it
>displayes the directories on the left pane. but it doesn't display any files
>on the right. but all the commands like update, checkout work ok. I tried
>changing the filters , doesn't help.

Does the file view on the right update when  you click on any of the
directories in the browser? Is this a problem of the UI not updating
when the browse root location is changed, or some other problem?

>- is there a document discribing the various display icons like a pencil
>icon etc?

I've never seen it. The meaning of these icons becomes obvious as you use
the program. The pencil means that the file is not write protected.

>- How to set the checkout to be reserved checkout always. We are all from
>sourcesafe world.

If you like how SourceSafe works, then stick with SourceSafe.
(Actually VSS supports nonreserved checkouts as well).

CVS is the *Concurrent* Version System. It does not support reserved

Reserved checkouts get in the way of development, because you have to
wait for someone to release a lock before you can work on a file.
Sometimes people lock files and go for lunch, or even go home.

Once you get used to concurrent development, you will never want to use
reserved checkouts.

CVS has a watch feature whereby you can be notified of people's
intentions to edit or commit files. A watched file is checked out
read-only; if the programmer is honest, he or she will use the
``cvs edit'' command (available through the WinCVS UI) to state
the intention of editing the file, thereby making it writable.
This action can trigger an e-mail to registered watchers.

There is a way to lock a revision so that commits cannot be done to it,
which is not quite the same as reserved checkout.

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