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[igraph] Question regarding iGraph Closeness centrality of vertices

From: chris
Subject: [igraph] Question regarding iGraph Closeness centrality of vertices
Date: Fri, 3 May 2019 13:53:21 +0200

Dear help community,


Many thanks for providing your help! I currently compute centralization measures for vertices, in particular centralization degree, betweenness and closeness. I compute graphs for directed and undirected vertices. While the centralization.degree and centralization.betweenness function make a difference in their computed results for directed and undirected graphs, centralization.closeness apparently does not. Then I also tried the function “closeness” provided by you and also this does not seem to take into account differences for directed and undirected graphs. May I ask you kindly, to provide me your thoughts on this? This would be very much appreciated!


The exemplary edgelist looks like this:


I use three different function to get my graphs:

  • graph_tmp<-graph_from_edgelist(el,directed=TRUE)
  • graph_tmp_red<-simplify(graph_tmp,remove.multiple = TRUE)
  • graph_tmp_2<-graph_from_adjacency_matrix(get.adjacency(graph_tmp), mode = c("undirected"), weighted = NULL, diag = TRUE, add.colnames = NULL, add.rownames = NA)


Different variations of the centralization.closeness function seem to not make any difference as far as directed and undirected:


For closeness, it seems “in” and “out” as variations do make a difference, while again directed and undirected is not differentiated in total:


Many thanks for your response it advance and have a great day!


Best regards,

Christopher Lonzius




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