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Re: Any way to tell Emacs how to open specific URIs?

From: Robert Weiner
Subject: Re: Any way to tell Emacs how to open specific URIs?
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2022 18:48:50 -0400

Thanks, Jean.  We’ll have a look at these settings.

 Please also see the descriptions of the defil and defal macros in the 
Hyperbole manual that let you use regular expressions to very simply create 
your own hyperlink types.  (See defining your own types).

-- Bob

> On Jun 15, 2022, at 1:29 AM, Jean Louis <bugs@gnu.support> wrote:
> * Robert Weiner <rsw@gnu.org> [2022-05-11 02:52]:
>> Hi Jean Louis:
>> Could you provide examples of URI behavior that you would like that
>> Hyperbole does not presently support.  We would like to understand your use
>> cases.  Specific examples would help and could lead to a good
>> discussion.
> Answering late on this message.
> You may see description of:
> (defvar goto-address-uri-schemes
>  ;; We use `thing-at-point-uri-schemes', with a few exclusions,
>  ;; as listed in `goto-address-uri-schemes-ignored'.
> thing-at-point-uri-schemes ⇒ ("aaa://" "about:" "acap://" "apt:" "bzr://" 
> "bzr+ssh://" "attachment:/" "chrome://" "cid:" "content://" "crid://" 
> "cvs://" "data:" "dav:" "dict://" "doi:" "dns:" "dtn:" "feed:" "file:/" 
> "finger://" "fish://" "ftp://"; "geo:" "git://" "go:" "gopher://"; "h323:" 
> "http://"; "https://"; "im:" "imap://" "info:" "ipp:" "irc://" "irc6://" 
> "ircs://" "iris.beep:" "jar:" "ldap://"; "ldaps://" "magnet:" "mailto:"; "mid:" 
> "mtqp://" "mupdate://" "news:"; "nfs://" "nntp://"; "opaquelocktoken:" "pop://" 
> "pres:" "resource://" "rmi://" "rsync://" "rtsp://" "rtspu://" "service:" 
> "sftp://"; "sip:" "sips:" "smb://" "sms:" "snmp://" "soap.beep://" 
> "soap.beeps://" "ssh://" "svn://" "svn+ssh://" "tag:" "tel:" "telnet://" 
> "tftp://"; "tip://" "tn3270://" "udp://" "urn:" "uuid:" "vemmi://" "webcal://" 
> "xri://" "xmlrpc.beep://" "xmlrpc.beeps://" "z39.50r://" "z39.50s://" "xmpp:" 
> "fax:" "man:" "mms://" "mmsh://" "modem:" "prospero:" "snews:"; "wais://")
> And then see:
> browse-url-handlers is a variable defined in ‘browse-url.el’.
> Its value is
> (("gemini:" . elpher-go)
> ("gopher:" . elpher-handler-go)
> ("about:" . hyperscope-about)
> ("hyperscope:" . hyperscope-go)
> ("e2dk://" . amule-handler))
> Original value was nil
> So now, IMHO, Hyperbole should automatically know how to open such
> various uncommon hyperlinks if browse-url-handlers has been defined. 
>> Regards,
>> Bob
>>> On Thu, Dec 3, 2020 at 2:22 AM Jean Louis <bugs@gnu.support> wrote:
>>> * Akira Kyle <akira@akirakyle.com> [2020-12-03 02:50]:
>>>> On Wed, Dec 02, 2020 at 10:03 AM, Jean Louis <bugs@gnu.support> wrote:
>>>>> As URI handler it is fine to invent one owns URIs. And I find it
>>>>> useful to make anything. I would even find more useful if there would
>>>>> be hyperlink system in Emacs where users could programmatically
>>>>> hyperlink anything by regexp and connect hyperlinks to regexps. GNU
>>>>> Hyperbole does similar thing but files are directory based. I am
>>>>> developig hypertext system, dynamic knowledge repository and thus
>>>>> using goto-address-mode and buttons heavily.
>>>>> I am not using it for URLs, I am using it for any URIs, not just URL
>>>>> and my use it also for such, it is easier that way than defining
>>>>> buttons specifically.
>>>> Kind of sounds like org custom hyperlink types[1]. For example I find the
>>>> org-ref package immensely useful and it defines a custom link type given
>>> by
>>>> `cite:` which then takes me to its bibtex entry or pdf.
>>>> [1] https://orgmode.org/manual/Adding-Hyperlink-Types.html
>>> I see the page.
>>> It looks as being hard coded only for Org mode but not for general
>>> emacs. It would be more useful to define general handler for Emacs for
>>> man: URI that is then only invoked by Org mode.
> -- 
> Jean
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