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Re: Gemini and Hyperbole

From: Robert Weiner
Subject: Re: Gemini and Hyperbole
Date: Tue, 25 May 2021 07:58:42 -0400

Hi Jonathan:

Nice idea.  You might want to provide pointers to Gemini since few here may be familiar with it.  And also, to show a full output file from your script where you describe overall how you anticipate using the integration.

Just FYI, this link:

<link-to-file-line "~/3q50twt_authorship/iqi_jonathan-mchugh/uw_rg" 39>

could be shortened to:



On Tue, May 25, 2021 at 3:50 AM Jonathan McHugh <indieterminacy@libre.brussels> wrote:
Hello all,

Below: a little experiment I made to generate hyperbole links from searches.

The idea is to use Gemini Protocol's terse markdown format, Gem, as a
source languge for launching knowlede retrieval queries.

If you have any queries or suggestions Id love to hear from you.


Jonathan McHugh

PS1FOO> cat twt_search-documentation.gmi

# twt   Gemini to Hyperbole Parsing, Using a Literate Style
* iei   Jonathan McHugh
=> indieterminacy@libre.brussels

# rq    overview
> rw    converting searches for file AND strings into hyperbole reference points
> rw    An experiment at utilising a literate style with Gemini markup
> rw    Additional annotations are given using Qiuy recursive modelling language
> rw    core coding is buried in the lines between ``` demarcation blocks

# oe    dependencies
* date
* sed
* find
* grep
* rg
* emacs
* emacs-hyperbole

# owo   script
> rw provide header
> rw_ue searching
> uw    output date as a Gemini markup header
``` owo
date | sed -e 's/^/# /g'
# ue_te searching_filenames
> ue_jw searching_query
> rqr   develop launcher for parameters
> GIVEN files search for by directory parameters
> WHEN filetype pdf identified
> THEN perform search on file pathway
``` uw

``` dwd_xq      editing_regex
xw_hwh=s/\/home\/[^/][^/]*\//=> ~\//g
#> rw   cleaning-parameters-content

> uq_jw searching_parameters
> rqr   build generator for missing values
> rw    search pathways according to multiple parameters and find mixes
> GIVEN directorys can be found
> WHEN matching multiple search parameters
> THEN output found files locals as Gemini markup uri
``` ue_te       searching_filenames
owo=$(find ~/[$nen]q* -type f -iname "$ueu" | grep "$ueu_ueu" | sed $xw_hwh)

> rw    look! Duplicate files and duplications found!
``` uw_fq output_filenames
=> ~/1q20mq_content-types/rqr_employment/rqr_initiatives/xq_organisation/20f_Processed/compare_total.pdf
=> ~/1q20mq_content-types/rqr_employment/rqr_initiatives/xq_organisation/20f_Processed/between.pdf
=> ~/1q20mq_content-types/rqr_employment/rqr_initiatives/xq_organisation/20f_Processed/compare_std.pdf
=> ~/1q20mq_content-types/rqr_employment/rqr_initiatives/xq_organisation/20f_Processed/compare_distributions.pdf
=> ~/1q20rqr_interviews/xq_organisation/20f_Processed/compare_total.pdf
=> ~/1q20rqr_interviews/xq_organisation/20f_Processed/between.pdf
=> ~/1q20rqr_interviews/xq_organisation/20f_Processed/compare_std.pdf
=> ~/1q20rqr_interviews/xq_organisation/20f_Processed/compare_distributions.pdf

``` uw_heh      generate_queries as a seperate tmp file
rm uw_keywords && echo $owo | sed -e $owo_hw | sort -u > uw_keywords
``` uw_hwh      output_queries

# Output to emacs-hyperbole
``` xqx converting-to-hyperbole
xq_he4h='s/\t/ /g'
xq_he5h='s/\(.*\) \([0-9][0-9]*\)/<link-to-file-line "~\/\1" \2>/g'

> GIVEN list of search terms
> WHEN temportary directories and files ignored
> AND idenfified file contains a search term
> rw    outputs
* Directory
* Filename
* Line Position
> THEN output emacs-hyperbole links
> rw    the hypberbole links can
> rw    uses nohup, do process the query in the background
``` w_output
#> $e_boo
nohup rg ~/ --no-messages -n -f uw_keywords | sed -e $xq_he1h | grep -ve $xq_he2h | grep -ve $xq_he3h | sed -e $xq_he4h -e $xq_he5h >> rwr_hyperbole &

> rw    With Hyperbole installed in emacs, the formatted link provides rich and actionable context
> cwc_rw        the action button (usually META-RET) jumps to the correct line in the file
> cwc_cwc       the below example involves jumping to line 39 of the file uw_rq
> cqc_rw        the query button (usually CTRL-U META-RET) provides an overview of the context surrounding the correct line in the file
``` example
<link-to-file-line "~/3q50twt_authorship/iqi_jonathan-mchugh/uw_rg" 39>

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