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Re: implicit links

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: implicit links
Date: Tue, 18 May 2021 13:37:13 +0300
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* Dr. Erich Ruff <dr.erich.ruff@t-online.de> [2021-05-18 11:06]:
> I'm trying to learn to use hyperbole and I make very slow progress
> because of the very terse documentation with only a minimum of
> real-life examples.
> Because of working most of my time in LaTeX, I don't use org-mode. So
> it is a relief to have hyperlinks working in another context as org.

There is `org-link-minor-mode' that helps you have Org links in any
kind of the mode. I think you need to install it from Melpa.

In the case of LaTeX I would use GNU Hyperbole

> Implicit buttons are created - as I understood - as:
> <elink: explicit-button-label: path-to-remote-doc>
> but referencing an ebut, labeled 'fi' in the same and not in an extern
> *.tex.file results in this error:
> -->   hypb:error: (link-to-ebut): No button ‘fi’ in ‘nil’

With Hyperbole V8, let us say you wish to have a link link:


Then you have to decide which function to handle the NAME-OF-FILE. The
function can be stored in .emacs file

Then you would do following:

(defil any-name-of-function "<doc:" ">" ".*" 'my-function)

Let us say your function is to open file within Emacs:

(defun my-function (file)
  (let ((file (string-trim file))) ;; I would string trim to avoid any spaces 
    (find-file file)))

Then the button like this is opening ~/tmp or any file there.

<doc: ~/tmp>

But to open a file Hyperbole already knows how to do it as this
is already implicit link:


Which kind of files do you try to open?

Are those files to be opened with external viewer?


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