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Re: New Hyperbole video - introduction to button usage

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: New Hyperbole video - introduction to button usage
Date: Fri, 14 May 2021 11:21:10 +0300
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* Robert Weiner <rsw@gnu.org> [2021-05-13 01:38]:
> Hi Jean:
> I think you may have some confusion on how global buttons operate.  They
> are not like wiki buttons where you just replicate text in many locations
> and it works as a single button.  They are a means of typing the text/label
> of a button at a prompt and thereby activating the associated labeled
> button from within your personal button file.  Please have another look at
> the Hyperbole DEMO section, "${hyperb:dir}/DEMO#Global Buttons", or
> "(hyperbole)Global Buttons".

I do understand, but I am saying they are "limited" and you should
consider that a lexical "bug" in the sense that they are called global
buttons but cannot be activated with M-RET. 

|    Global buttons are managed with the Hyperbole Gbut/ menu accessed
| with {C-h h g}.  The Create item, {C-h h g c}, prompts for a global
| button name, an action type, and the action's associated arguments, such
| as a file to link to.  It then creates the button.  To activate the
| button, use the Act menu item, {C-h h g a}.  Type the button's name and
| its action will be To remove the button, use the Delete menu item, {C-h
| h g d}; *note Deletion::.

Yes, however, the new functions from Hyperbole V8 allow the user to
create those explicit buttons that will work in any buffer.

Now -- just make the global buttons work also in any buffer, as why
not? That is what by meaning I expect out of it, not only to launch it
by using keys. Those are multiple keys.

Is there anything that blocks Hyperbole to use global buttons to be
used in any buffer? 

Like: <(SqWebMail)> it works only in the main file but not in any
buffer, like implicit buttons or user created buttons.

It would be useful that it does work.


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