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Re: Why no articles on Hyperbole?

From: Jean Louis
Subject: Re: Why no articles on Hyperbole?
Date: Wed, 12 May 2021 14:23:10 +0300
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* Robert Weiner <rsw@gnu.org> [2021-05-12 03:03]:
> Hi Jean Louis:
> I'm just curious with your blog-like articles at hyperscope.link, why have
> you not written anything about Hyperbole.  I think your business use of it
> or ideas from it would make for an interesting article plus just the kinds
> of things you find useful.
> -- Bob

We will be publishing.

Hyperscope for Emacs is dynamic knowledge repository that augments the
knowledge, it is inspred by what GNU Hyperbole is doing, does not
depend on GNU Hyperbole, rather works nicely together, especially with
what is now being developed in the Hyperbole version 8.

Hyperscope.link may look as a blog, it is place where some objects are
published out of the full database. 

Hyperscope for Emacs can publish to multiple websites and works
together with the default Website Revision System, and it can publish
to its main website. But publishing is smaller part of it. 

It is used to edit the meta level information before the documents are
created as it seeks finely grained referencing capabilities.

Each paragraph should be an "object", each list item, becomes an
"object", in that sense it is editing the outline, the tree of nodes
or objects with their child nodes.

With new features of Hyperbole it may generate reports and within the
report have hyperlinks to other related objects. 

It is hyperlinke system in itself, it works this way:

1. find person
2. review all notes related to person
3. add note related to person, let us say appointment
4. send email or note to person about appointment


1. Create task

2. Assign to person

3. Dispatch the assignment by SMS, email, make a call, all automated, 

but because it works in the tabulated-list-mode, the display is rather
in lines, it is not editable text.

GNU Hyperbole extends the system to provide hyperlinks which can be
sent to other people including revisited by manager or management

Hyperscope is collaborative due to the multi user PostgreSQL database

If report is thus created, such report can have embedded GNU Hyperbole
links, as following:

⟦Contact 123⟧ <-- it would show more information from contact, as
pulled from database, it would generate new report about the person
for the team member to understand who that person is.

Joe Johnson


⟦DESCRIPTION⟧ <--- instead of sending description, it could be seen by
authorized person only, including other sensitive information.

⟦tel:+1231212121⟧ <--- click here, initiate the call automatically,
insert information into the database. Note editing screen opens to
write notes during a call.

⟦email: ss@example.com⟧ <-- click, initiate email but not only with
the email address, it would include the full name of the person and
any necessary Cc:, Bcc: fields, and it would generate proper identity,
and ask for the right email address to be used. Contacts have multiple
email addresses

⟦Conversations⟧ <-- it would show all emails received and sent to
contact, all SMS sent and received, any calls received, or conducted
and its notes, and whatever else.


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