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Re: How do I change M-RET permanently to s-return AND remove M-RET?

From: Robert Weiner
Subject: Re: How do I change M-RET permanently to s-return AND remove M-RET?
Date: Mon, 3 May 2021 22:46:03 -0400

On Mon, May 3, 2021 at 1:21 PM David Bertenshaw <djberten@gmail.com> wrote:

This seems such a simple thing to do, but I've been through the manuals
and tried everything I can think of over several sessions, and I can't
get it to work at all.

The problem is *not* setting the Action Key to s-return. I can do it
with either:

* the menu item (though that doesn't persist across sessions,

* global set keys and hkey-either

But neither of them removes the M-RET binding — and that's what I don't want.

There must be a simple way of doing this, but I just can't find it. My
fault, I'm sure.

This is a perfectly valid question; don't worry about asking them.

Since you are already running the 7.1.4 unreleased version from git, upgrade your copy to the latest which is 8.0.0pre (V8 pre-release).  With that, Hyperbole is a global minor mode with its own keymap.  Then add this to your init or add the last two lines after the (require 'hyperbole):

(require 'hyperbole)
(define-key hyperbole-mode-map (kbd "M-RET") nil)
(define-key hyperbole-mode-map (kbd "s-RET") 'hkey-either)))

In the old version doing global-bindings would do something similar, so binding a key to nil is the way to remove it.

So, please could someone list *all* the steps I need to take to
permanently and ubiquitously make s-return the only binding for Action Key.

Secondly: how do I turn off the smart-scrolling *completely* everywhere.
I know how to swap its behaviour from one form of scrolling to another,
but I never want the Action Key to trigger scrolling, and I can't see a
way in the manual to do this.

There are two variables that determine what happens when the Action or Assist keys are pressed at the end of the line:

action-key-eol-function and assist-key-eol-function

So add these two lines to make these do nothing:

(setq action-key-eol-function #'end-of-line)
      assist-key-eol-function #'end-of-line)

Many thanks -- I'm only just starting using the Hyperbole and much of it
looks very useful. I won't use everything, of course, but there's a lot
that's very attractive to explore.

We hope you enjoy it.  There is much to learn and grow into and other people may have similar questions, so feel free to ask here.  This is for discussion of all aspects of Hyperbole and customizing it to your needs is certainly an important topic.


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