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Hyperbole Messing with file paths

From: Wenlong Dai
Subject: Hyperbole Messing with file paths
Date: Sun, 19 Jul 2020 21:38:48 +1000

Hi All, 

I was trying out hyperbole recently and encountered this really strange problem.  
I'm using Emacs in WSL in Windows 10. 
I found that after installing hyperbole, whenever I visit a file using the path `/mnt/c/...`, the path would become `/c/...`, in other words the /mnt part is removed.  
If I used counsel-find-file to visit files, I could see the "/mnt/" become "/" as soon as I finish typing "/mnt/". 

I found this out because I removed the directory "/c" previously. Because of that, when I was trying hyperbole I was getting errors saying file couldn't be written.  
Then I created /c as a symlink to /mnt/c and "resolved" the problem. But every time I visit files in '/mnt/c/...', the path becomes '/c/...' , which bugs me quite a bit. 
Why is this happening? Could anyone using WSL have a test of this behavior? 


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