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Re: [Hyperbole-users] OT: C-c C-r canibalized (was Re: Happy new year)

From: Xavier Maillard
Subject: Re: [Hyperbole-users] OT: C-c C-r canibalized (was Re: Happy new year)
Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2019 16:30:03 +0100


> There is a setting you can make to disable global Hyperbole bindings
> and I think a way to toggle them on and off.  Should be under the
> manual section on Keys.  These are for quick keys that are shorter
> than using the menus.

Obviously, you are correct.

Though, there is something wrong in the documentation.

In the manual it states that {C-c C-r} won't be overriden in case it
has been set prior to hyperbole.

I have tested quite simply:

1. emacs -Q
2. M-x mail RET  ;; Here C-c C-r is then bound to `mail-yank-region'
3. M-x load-package RET hyperbole RET
4. C-h k C-c C-r RET

It is set to hui:ebut-rename.

This is clearly not what I expect.

Thanks to the manual, there is a workaround with toggling function.

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