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libfuse README

From: Stefan Siegl
Subject: libfuse README
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 22:33:57 +0000

CVSROOT:        /cvsroot/hurdextras
Module name:    libfuse
Changes by:     Stefan Siegl <address@hidden>   06/01/30 22:33:57

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        .              : README 

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Index: libfuse/README
diff -u libfuse/README:1.3 libfuse/README:1.4
--- libfuse/README:1.3  Tue Nov 15 23:43:05 2005
+++ libfuse/README      Mon Jan 30 22:33:57 2006
@@ -1,25 +1,58 @@
-libfuse - imitation of Linux's libfuse for the Hurd
+               -*- mode: outline -*-
-W H A T   I S   I T ? 
+* General Information
   libfuse is a library intended for the GNU Hurd trying to imitate the
   API of the fuse library, available from, for
   Linux. It's based on Hurd's libnetfs and tries to bring all the fuse based
-  virtual filesystems over to the Hurd. However this results in being quite
-  a hack (at least for the time being)
-H O W   T O   U S E   I T ? 
-  simply install libfuse, which will copy a libfuse.{so,la,a} to your
-  /local/lib directory. Then simply try to build the fuse-based translator
-  as you'd like on Linux. In case it works, please tell - if not, you might
-  want to tell as well :-)
+  virtual filesystems over to the Hurd.
+** Fuse Low-Level API
+   The low-level API will not be supported by libfuse/Hurd for the
+   time being. This is simply because it is to specific to the Linux
+   kernel and (besides that) it is not farly used now.
+   In case the latter should change in the future, we might want to
+   re-think about that issue though.
+   This is, you will not succeed in compiling the hello_ll.c example
+   from the example-24 directory.
+* Dependencies
+  Actually none, besides libnetfs. However you should have installed
+  that anyways (maybe missing just the header files).
+* Installation
+  ./configure
+  make
+  make install
+  For more details see the INSTALL file in this directory.
-Have fun with libfuse
-  ... and let us hear any suggestions, send patches, etc.
+* How To Use
+  Translators linked against libfuse/Hurd don't work exactly like on
+  the Linux operating system. To be more precise: you need to install
+  them using settrans.
+  Some filesystems check for the availibility of a command line
+  argument, which they want to pass to libfuse, and simply fail, if
+  you don't supply it. This is because on Linux you call the
+  translator as a program as such and specify the mount-point as the
+  first argument. 
+  If the fuse-based translator insists on that argument, just provide
+  any useless information (maybe the correct path). This one will not
+  be treated (at least by libfuse). 
+  The filesystem will be put on the node you provide to the settrans
+  command. Anything else is not of any interest.
+  Filesystems that try to export more than one filesystem (I don't
+  know of any example, sorry, but these are generally supported by
+  Linux's FUSE) will fail on the Hurd. This is because of the settrans
+  thing. 
+* Bug Reports
   You can contact us at <address@hidden>.
-Stefan Siegl <address@hidden>
-$Id: README,v 1.3 2005/11/15 23:43:05 tschwinge Exp $
+$Id: README,v 1.4 2006/01/30 22:33:57 stesie Exp $

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