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[Heroes] Your site is listed in Gimpsy

From: Gimpsy
Subject: [Heroes] Your site is listed in Gimpsy
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 14:02:11 GMT

Dear Sir or Madam,

We are very pleased to inform you that the Gimpsy editorial team has
approved the inclusion of the following site(s), which we believe 
belong to you, in the Gimpsy directory (http://www.gimpsy.com):

URL:   http://www.acdcmemory.com
Title: American Computer & Digital Components
The site was placed in the following categories:
-- Research > Gimpsy_debug > To_be_deleted > email_test

To see all the site's details, as recorded by the Gimpsy Editors, see

URL:   http://heroes.sourceforge.net
Title: Heroes
The site was placed in the following categories:
-- Download > games > arcade

To see all the site's details, as recorded by the Gimpsy Editors, see

Thank you for your high quality site. Please accept our congratulations! 

If you have not heard of us before, here are few words of introduction. 
Gimpsy is a new directory that holds only carefully reviewed interactive sites.
Recently launched, it has been warmly received by users, site owners and search
engine experts. As an introduction to Gimpsy, please see the online review at
http://www.supportforums.org/article105.html and also a recent review at
http://www.supportforums.org/article159.html. Reading the extensive online help
is an excellent way to gain familiarity with the many innovative features of 
Gimpsy. See http://www.gimpsy.com/gimpsy/doc/faq/faq_main.php.

We invite you to register with Gimpsy. You will be able to get useful statistics
about your site and the categories in which it is placed. You will also have the
opportunity to promote your site within the Gimpsy directory and suggest changes
or enhancements to your site's listing. To register, click on

Important note:
This email was sent assuming that you would be interested in its content.
You will not receive any more emails from us, unless you explicitly request 
it by registering on site AND ticking the relevant email inclusion option.

Please note that long URLs may break into two lines in some mail readers.
Should this occur, copy and paste the two parts to your browser address field.


The Gimpsy Team
Active Sites for Active People

IMPORTANT: This is an automated email message. Please do NOT reply to it.
We are happy to receive questions or comments, but they have to be channeled
via our on-line forms, available to registered users. If you are a registered
Gimpsy user, click on http://www.gimpsy.com/gimpsy/searcher/login.php
to access the communication menu entries. If you are not registered, you can
do so at http://www.gimpsy.com/gimpsy/searcher/register.php.

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