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Re: [VCDImager] DVD authoring and burning

From: Herbert Valerio Riedel
Subject: Re: [VCDImager] DVD authoring and burning
Date: 11 Sep 2002 18:47:17 +0200

On Wed, 2002-09-11 at 17:39, Matto Marjanovic wrote:
>  >Supposedly there is a version of cdrdao or cdrecord out there that has 
>  >the necessary code to burn DVD-R. However if you go to the cdrecord home 
>  >page 
> >(
>  >you find that the author is offering binaries but not source for 
>  >cdrecord-ProDVD. Not sure why source is not available. Your second 
it's a long story; j.schilling simply doesn't feel like release the
source yet... he regards it as being to precious...
> A "dvdrecord" package showed up in Debian/unstable yesterday:
>     dvdrecord - A tool for writing DVD's and CD's
>     dvdrecord is a fork off of cdrecord. It adds support for writing DVD's in
>     DVD-RW drives. It does not work with DVD+RW drives.
> I haven't installed it (no DVD drive!), so I have no idea what's in it.
> But that does mean that the source is available from Debian if nowhere else.

this is a fork, which hacks cdrecord up to support dvd-r writing...

plz see

for more information about DVD authoring et al

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