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[VCDImager] Problem using vcdimager 0.7.12-1

From: Madhusudan Singh
Subject: [VCDImager] Problem using vcdimager 0.7.12-1
Date: Wed, 04 Sep 2002 16:24:15 -0400
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I am facing a most vexing problem with ripmake-perl with vcdimager
(ver. 0.7.12)
vcdimager -t svcd --update-scan-offsets -c "CnD-svcd1.cue"\
~         -b "CnD-svcd1.bin"\
~         "CnD-svcd1.mpg"
**ERROR: error while parsing command line - try --help
gmake: *** [master1] Error 1
It seems that --update-scan-offsets is not a valid option for vcdimager
at all (see below) !
$ rpm -qa | grep "vcd"
$ vcdimager -V
GNU VCDImager 0.6.2 [linux-gnu/i686]
Copyright (c) 2001 Herbert Valerio Riedel <address@hidden>
GNU VCDImager may be distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public
Licence; For details, see the file `COPYING', which is included in the GNU
VCDImager distribution. There is no warranty, to the extent permitted by
(a little wierd as version number here is different - possibly a botched
spec file during creation of the rpm ?)
$ vcdimager --help
Usage: vcdimager [OPTION...]
~  -t, --type=TYPE                       select VideoCD type ('vcd11',
~                                        or 'svcd') (default: 'vcd2')
~  -c, --cue-file=FILE                   specify cue file for output
~                                        'videocd.cue')
~  -b, --bin-file=FILE                   specify bin file for output
~                                        'videocd.bin')
~  -l, --iso-volume-label=LABEL          specify ISO volume label for
video cd
~                                        (default: 'VideoCD')
~  --iso-application-id=LABEL            specify ISO application id for
~                                        cd (default: '')
~  --info-album-id=LABEL                 specify album id for video cd set
~                                        (default: '')
~  --volume-count=NUMBER                 specify number of volumes in
album set
~  --volume-number=NUMBER                specify album set sequence
number (<
~                                        volume-count)
~  --broken-svcd-mode                    enable non-compliant compatibility
~                                        mode for broken devices
~  --sector-2336                         use 2336 byte sectors for output
~  --add-dir=DIR                         add directory contents
recursively to
~                                        ISO fs root
~  --add-file=FILE,ISO_FILENAME          add single file to ISO fs
~  --add-file-2336=FILE,ISO_FILENAME     add file containing full 2336 byte
~                                        sectors to ISO fs
~  -p, --progress                        show progress
~  -v, --verbose                         be verbose
~  -q, --quiet                           show only critical messages
~  -V, --version                         display version and copyright
~                                        information and exit
Help options:
~  -?, --help                            Show this help message
~  --usage                               Display brief usage message
I found a reference to an xml file that needs to be created before
'update-scan-offsets' can be used at the following link :
It apparently does not work on my system (even if it were undocumented),
in spite of having the latest(unstable) version of vcdimager installed.
Totally at loss.
Any ideas would be welcome. And if someone could send me the .dtd file
if that xml file is really necessary, I would appreciate it.

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