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[VCDImager] Aut play VCD - did you get any responses ?

From: Scott Hollows - Seeristic
Subject: [VCDImager] Aut play VCD - did you get any responses ?
Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2002 03:14:25 +0800


I saw your posting about trying to autoplay VCD in a DVD player at

I am trying to do exactly the same thing.

Did you get any responses on your posting ?
I cant find anything on the net about this.

At a guess ... I use NERO 5.5 to create VCDs.
The VIDEO CD tab in the burn options has some options in 
"CD-i Application Configuration" that seem to do this.
The default value of this field has a value of AUTOPLAY=AUTO_ON
in it.

I searched the net for info on AUTOPLAY=AUTO_ON
but could not find anything on it

Did you get any more info about how to auto play ?

Scott Hollows

Your posting ...


Does anyone know how to create a VCD that will automatically play the first
track when inserted in a DVD player and will loop when it gets to the last

I am using both Nero 5 and vcdimager to create VCD's. Vcdimager works better
than Nero but neither will "autoplay".

I do have an old VCD that plays automatically when I insert it in my DVD player,
but can't see how they do it.



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