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[VCDImager] Help with transcode/vcdimager and all that stuff !

From: Yannick Calmes
Subject: [VCDImager] Help with transcode/vcdimager and all that stuff !
Date: Sun, 3 Mar 2002 14:54:14 +0100

 Hello everyone...

        I'd like to create a basic SVCD from a DVD...

        It's not an easy task, but after spending some hours reading docs
        and some nights for transcoding purposes, it's close from being OK...

        I give the full description of my problem, because I cannot find someone
        who could tell me if the problem comes from transcode, vcdimager or 
or my home DVD player (Tokai 713)

        Here are the details:

        I've ripped first chapter of a DVD, then I get 01.vob for example...


     transcode -i "01.vob" \
         -x vob -a 0 -J skip="0-2" \
         -o 01 \
         -B 5 \
         -y mpeg -F s,3 -b 128 -V

        and I can see that two file are now available:

        01.mpa and 01.m2v...


        tcmplex  -i 01.m2v -p 01.mpa -m s -o 01.mpg

        and now, two file are multiplexed... Cool...

        Let's start vcdimager now:

        vcdxgen --type=svcd --iso-volume-label="TEST" \

        vcdxbuild videocd.xml

        And videocd.bin and videocd.cue are now here ! Great !

        I start mplayer 

        mplayer videocd.bin, and it plays perfectly... Wonderful !!!

        Now, I want to burn a SVCD CD...

        cdrdao write videocd.cue...

        After some times it's finished...

        I try mplayer again:

        mplayer /dev/cdrom and: Its horrible ! Picture devastated, sound 
chopped !
        You can't recognize what was the original !!!

        If I try to put the CD into my home DVD player, it's the same !!!!!

        Questions now:

        - How can you explain that videocd.bin was perfectly playable, but the 
        after cdrdao looks like sh*** ???

        - Is there anywhere on the web some info to help people creating SVCD 
        DVD to SVCD using transcode and vcdimager ?

        - Thank you ;)

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