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[VCDImager] Need Help...

From: Sertay Guner
Subject: [VCDImager] Need Help...
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 12:35:30 +0200



 Dear Dejan,

I tried to make VCD for my JPG stills.  I wanted to do your way but there is one thing that I could not understand.

- Open newly saved profile in text editor.
- Change settings for following parameters from True to False:
1. MPEG.Video.DC_prec_ReadOnly
2. MPEG.Video.FrameRate_ReadOnly
3. MPEG.Video.GOP_SeqHeaderInterval_ReadOnly
4. MPEG.Video.VideoFormat_ReadOnly

Save the profile, open TMPGEnc and Load that profile.

I couldn't do the above instruction.  How am I going to change the parameters from True to False. 
If you have time to help me I will really appriciate.
Thank you for your care.
Best Regards,
Sertay G√ľner
Caglayanlar Otomotiv San. Tic. A.S.


Adr:    Feridiye Cad. No: 62/64 Taksim 80090 IST - TURKEY
Tel:    + 90 212 253 56 56 pbx
Fax:    + 90 212 238 10 69



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