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[VCDImager] Newbie help - no sound

From: Mike Ladwig
Subject: [VCDImager] Newbie help - no sound
Date: Tue, 25 Dec 2001 21:19:20 -0500

Hi.  I'm a newbie :-) and would appreciate some help.  I've been wading 
through the documentation and haven't found anything applicable to my problem 

I have a bunch of previously created (using streamer and lav2yuv) .m1v 
videos, and I can use these with mplex to create .mpg files with them which 
also play correctly.  When I try and create a test vcd using the cookbook 
example, I get WARN messages about requiring audio streams to be present.  
Unfortunately, I don't have an audio stream (these are from 8mm movies, and I 
didn't capture audio) to use in the mplex step.  When I go and burn a CDR 
using the .cue file, it doesn't work in my DVD player.  I'm blaming the audio 
WARN messages, but don't know if that's true or how to verify my guess.

Could anyone point me at what I need to do to troubleshoot the problem or 
work around it?  I have attached the output from the mplex and vcdimager runs.

mike (please CC me)

mplex mov1.m1v -f 1 -o track1.mpg
   INFO: mplex version 2.0.2 ($Date: 2001/09/30 17:13:23 $)
   INFO: File mov1.m1v looks like an MPEG-1/2 Video stream.
   INFO: Found 1 video streams and 0 audio streams
   INFO: Selecting VCD output profile
   INFO: Scanning Video stream 0 for access units information.
   INFO: Frame width     : 352
   INFO: Frame height    : 240
   INFO: Aspect ratio    : 1:0.9375 (4:3 PAL/SECAM for 720x578/352x288 images)
   INFO: Picture rate    : 24.000 frames/sec
   INFO: Bit rate        : 1152000 bits/sec
   INFO: Vbv buffer size : 40960 bytes
   INFO: CSPF            : 1
   INFO: rough-guess multiplexed stream data rate    : 1179200
   INFO: target data-rate specified               : 1411200
   INFO: Setting specified specified data rate: 1411200
   INFO: Sectors = 16 Video delay = 19200 Audio delay = 19200
   INFO: New sequence commences...
   INFO: Video e0: buf=  47104 frame=000000 sector=00000000
   INFO: Padding : sector=00000000
   INFO: STREAM e0 completed @ 4125.
   INFO: Multiplex completion at SCR=15490800.
   INFO: Video e0: buf=   4659 frame=004125 sector=00010395
   INFO: Padding : sector=00002482
   INFO: Video Stream length:     2991857 bytes
   INFO: Sequence headers:        1
   INFO: Sequence ends   :        1
   INFO: No. Pictures    :     4126
   INFO: No. Groups      :      344
   INFO: No. I Frames    :      344 avg. size  9320 bytes
   INFO: No. P Frames    :     1033 avg. size  7499 bytes
   INFO: No. B Frames    :     2749 avg. size  4722 bytes
   INFO: No. D Frames    :        0 avg. size     0 bytes
   INFO: Average bit-rate :  1113600 bits/sec
   INFO: Peak bit-rate    :  1180400  bits/sec
   INFO: BUFFERING min 13 Buf max 16658
   INFO: MUX STATUS: no under-runs detected.

vcdimager -c test-vcd.cue -b test-vcd.bin -l TEST_VCD -v track1.mpg track2.mpg
++ WARN: initializing libvcd 0.7.11 [linux-gnu/i686]
++ WARN:
++ WARN:  this is the UNSTABLE development branch!
++ WARN:  use only if you know what you are doing
++ WARN:  see for more information
++ WARN:
--DEBUG: changed volume label to `TEST_VCD'
--DEBUG: changed application id to `'
--DEBUG: changed album id to `'
--DEBUG: changed volume count to 1
--DEBUG: changed volume number to 1
   INFO: scanning mpeg sequence item #0 for scanpoints...
--DEBUG: pts start offset 0.681667 (max pts = 172.556667)
--DEBUG: playing time 171.875000
++ WARN: this VCD type requires an audio stream to be present
   INFO: scanning mpeg sequence item #1 for scanpoints...
--DEBUG: pts start offset 0.681667 (max pts = 195.723333)
--DEBUG: playing time 195.041667
++ WARN: this VCD type requires an audio stream to be present
--DEBUG: pbc: psd size 0 (extended psd 0)
--DEBUG: iso9660: highest alloced sector is 224 (using 300 as isosize)
   INFO: writing track 1 (ISO9660)...
   INFO: writing track 2, MPEG1, NTSC UNKNOWN (352x240/24.00fps), ...
--DEBUG: MPEG packet statistics: 10396 video, 0 audio, 0 zero, 0 ogt, 2484 
   INFO: writing track 3, MPEG1, NTSC UNKNOWN (352x240/24.00fps), ...
--DEBUG: MPEG packet statistics: 10528 video, 0 audio, 0 zero, 0 ogt, 4077 
finished ok, image created with 28235 sectors [06:16.35] (66408720 bytes)

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