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Re: Subtitles? (was: Re[2]: [VCDImager] DVD-R?)

From: Herbert Valerio Riedel
Subject: Re: Subtitles? (was: Re[2]: [VCDImager] DVD-R?)
Date: 27 Nov 2001 16:08:45 +0100

On Tue, 2001-11-27 at 15:21, Oliver Wagner wrote:
> > ps: it seems the submux tool in the contrib dir for making real SVCD OGT
> > subtitles (as opposed to CVD-style subtitles we all know) is finally
> > becoming more popular... as it enables more devices to show subtitles
> > :-)

btw, the dvd2svcd guys are to be blamed for the following discovery:
> GOOD NEWS. In VCDImager I made the change so that it would accept
> 0x70..0x73 and in the vcd.c file I reenabled PKT_TYPE_OGT. I then did
> as usual, (submuxed and then vcdimager --type=svcd) and now the good
> news is that a lot more DVD players shows the subtitles :) Even a B&O
> tv I have with buildin DVD player shows the subtitles, which it never
> did when using I-Author.
> Kind Regards,
> dvd2svcd
> Uhm, can someone enlighten me on what the difference between CVD- and OGT 
> subtitles
> are?
well, as far as I know (it seems there's _very_ little information on
the CVD-style SVCD format... you may see it mentioned on some
manufactures feature lists... but that's it usually)
the CVD-style subtitles, is the thing that I-Author seems to create;
afaik it's very similiar to the DVD subtitles, and as such some DVD
players might support it, since it doesn't require much more
functionality to be added to the firmware... CVS-style subs were nothing
really official (yet - maybe it was part of some SVCD format
recommandation), it seems it was a proprietary extension by the makers
of I-Author....

anyway, and then there are the real SVCD subtitles, which are part of
the philips SVCD specs... but sadly not part of the IEC62107 specs...
anyway, I'm sure the philips SVCD test discs which manufacturer use to
develop their firmwares don't include CVD-style subs... thus there maybe
more devies out there which understand SVCD subs..

> (Background: I've recently switched to a Pioneer 545 player, which,
> besides ruling generally, refuses to play subtitles created with
> I-Author Deluxe; I assumed that those were in fact overlays (OGTs?),
> and that this was a general Pioneer "we don't support SVCD, nono"
> shortcoming, but perhaps there is hope...)
well see... but I'm not too optimistic about pioneers and svcd subs...
I'll try to create some additional svcd test discs for this... but maybe
the quote above gives some hope for all seeking svcd subs... :-)

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