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Subtitles? (was: Re[2]: [VCDImager] DVD-R?)

From: Oliver Wagner
Subject: Subtitles? (was: Re[2]: [VCDImager] DVD-R?)
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001 15:21:39 +0100

Herbert wrote:

> ps: it seems the submux tool in the contrib dir for making real SVCD OGT
> subtitles (as opposed to CVD-style subtitles we all know) is finally
> becoming more popular... as it enables more devices to show subtitles
> :-)

Uhm, can someone enlighten me on what the difference between CVD- and OGT 

(Background: I've recently switched to a Pioneer 545 player, which,
besides ruling generally, refuses to play subtitles created with
I-Author Deluxe; I assumed that those were in fact overlays (OGTs?),
and that this was a general Pioneer "we don't support SVCD, nono"
shortcoming, but perhaps there is hope...)


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