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Re: [VCDImager] New to the list - SVCD BIN/CUE problem

From: Jorgensen, Jens
Subject: Re: [VCDImager] New to the list - SVCD BIN/CUE problem
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 11:42:19 -0600
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Well, when I've had problems it's been because the video I was playing was intentionally not within the strict SVCD spec. Might that apply to your video?

Javier Hernandez wrote:

Hi All,

I am quite new to the list (registered this morning) and this is my first

First of all, thanks to all persons devoloping vcdimager which I found a
very useful tool.

I am afraid that my first message to the list is also to ask help with
a problem I have.

I have two mpeg2 (SVCD) files ready to create the BIN/CUE's images.

Both mpeg2 (SVCD) files can be play "without any problem" with MPlayer
in my system.

I created a BIN/CUE image for each file and I burned them to two SVCDs with

Now when I run the two SVCDs with MPlayer I can see sometimes (normally at
the same time sequence, so it can be reproduced any time) is that video
stops in one point but the audio continues running; after a short time, maybe
5 or 10 seconds the video comes out again, in the right sequence.

Because the two mpeg2 (SVCD) files can be played correctly with MPlayer I tend
to think that the problem could be with the created BIN/CUE images or ...

Any suggestion where and how to look for the problem ?

I have searched the archives of the mail list for a similar problem but I was
not able to find any reference.

The version of vcdimager is:  0.7.10
The BIN/CUE images were created at Suse 7.3

Best regards,

Jens B. Jorgensen

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