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Re: [VCDImager] join multiple files

From: Leandro Lucarella
Subject: Re: [VCDImager] join multiple files
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2001 22:25:36 -0300 (ART)

El Thu, 22 Nov 2001 13:49:15 +0100 "Stefan M. Brandl" <address@hidden> escribió:

SMB> Hi,
SMB> I have devided a 700MB mpg into 3 smaller parts.
SMB> When i create a vcd with
SMB> vcdimager -t vcd2 1.mpg 2.mpg 3.mpg
SMB> and burn it with cdrdao, I can jump among the three
SMB> parts.
SMB> So far so godd, thats what i wanted.
SMB> If want to watch the complete film, there are
SMB> short gaps between the three parts.
SMB> Can this be avoided?

I think the only way to do it is with chapters (entry points)... so you
have to join the movie together back again :)
Read the documentation and examples in the web site...

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