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Re: Relating multiple index entries to one table item

From: Arsen Arsenović
Subject: Re: Relating multiple index entries to one table item
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2022 21:35:38 +0100


Gavin Smith <> writes:

> I think all the index entries should link to the first @item.  I didn't
> mean that there would be one index entry per @item/@itemx.

Yes, I agree.  This is the most reasonable behavior for this case given
the current one.

> Yes, it may be possible to associate index commands with a following
> @item, although as you say, existing manuals may not be written for
> this possibility.

I think it'd still be good to try to implement this (in some way).  I
have full intention of making use of well-indexed items in GCC (though,
I'm not sure what the others will think of using very new behavior in
the manual ;) ) and would like to improve the whole indices linking to
wrong places issue in the GCC manual before 13 comes out.

That has been a big pain point for a long time, so I'm pretty excited to
work on it, as well as trying to bring that manual up to par with other
GNU manuals.

Some time for experimenting with this should free up next week for me,
what do you think about how it should work?

Thanks, have a great night.
Arsen Arsenović

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