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Re: [help-texinfo] trying to make a unicode math char appear in all form

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: [help-texinfo] trying to make a unicode math char appear in all formats
Date: Sat, 12 Dec 2015 00:47:52 GMT

Hi Paul,

1) With the latest texinfo.tex (from et al.), using the
literal 227A character should work with TeX.  Processing with pdftex is
not a problem; UTF-8 input is parsed and characters mapped to the
standard TeX commands/fonts.  (Unicode outside of Computer Modern does
not work, but that's not the problem here.)

2) As of the latest Texinfo release (6.0), there's also @U{227A} which
should behave identically, if you don't want binary in the source,
although I guess that's not an issue in your case.

3) It should not be a problem to make @math be a no-op inside @math.
That's surely desirable anyway.  Gavin or I can hack that into
texinfo.tex when we have a chance.

4) pinfo is still maintained by someone?  I thought it was abandoned a
decade or so ago.  (Just curious.)


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