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Re: [help-texinfo] Advanced key bindings for stand-alone info

From: Robert Ross
Subject: Re: [help-texinfo] Advanced key bindings for stand-alone info
Date: Wed, 9 Dec 2015 14:54:56 +0000 (UTC)

>> Is there still a way to map keys such as "F1" and "Ctrl-Down" in version 
>> 6.0? 
>> For xterm and mintty in version 5.2, the following worked:
>> \eOP  get-help-window  # <F1>
>> \e[1;5B  down-line  # <C-Down>
>> Setting "key-time" to "0" did not help.  The ability to specify a "keyseq", 
>> as in "readline", would restore flexibility.
> Sorry, didn't see your message until now because it was marked as
> spam. (Only saw it just now by accident.)
> I found that specifying key sequences did work in some cases, but not
> in the one you've mentioned. I think it's due to filtering unknown key
> sequences from the input, to avoid them having unpredictable effects.
> Indeed putting key-time=0 doesn't solve this. Putting key-time=1
> allows you to type manually ESC O P, (for what it's worth). In fact,
> key-time=0 has an inconsistent interpretation with any positive value,
> in that it doesn't wait no time before it says ESC was pressed, it
> waits infinite time. This could be confusing and maybe should be
> changed. If someone wants to wait a long time they could do
> key-time=1000000 or something.

Thanks for responding.  With key-time=0 or key-time=1000000,
"ESC O P" has no visible result.  It does work with key-time=1 but,
unfortunately, "F1" is filtered out in all cases.  The same is true for
"CTRL DOWN".  Since settings such as "^\kd down-line" are not
accepted, the filtering seems to make some keybindings that
worked before impossible in version 6.0.  If so, I hope the next
version will disable filtering, either by default or some option.

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