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[help-texinfo] Russian language in pdf

From: Denis Raskatov
Subject: [help-texinfo] Russian language in pdf
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2014 16:25:39 +0400
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Hi everyone.

It's me again :).

It seems that I've succeeded in generating .info-file in russian language by inserting couple of commands like @documentlanguage and @documentencoding, after having discovered "Internationalization" clause in texinfo manual.

Though, I've failed in producing pdf-file. Well, if somehow I was able to insert command like \usepackage[english,russian]{babel} or just tell TeX-converter about cyrillic symbols in my .texi-file, probably that would be enough. Could you please tell me whether I can impact the way texi-to-TeX-to-dvi-to-pdf conversion is done?

Best regards,
Denis Raskatov.

P.S. At least I've got .info file and that is really good. Thanks for texinfo package that you have elaborated.

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