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[help-texinfo] command index and unified index

From: Graham Percival
Subject: [help-texinfo] command index and unified index
Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 20:28:56 -0700


I'd like to print two indices; one which only lists commands (@findex), and another that lists everything (@cindex and @findex). However, it appears that the "fn" index can only be used once. If I place the "@syncodeindex fn cp" before the @printindex fn, nothing is printed for the command index. When I try the code as below (@syncodeindex after the first @printindex), the command index works, but the unified index is missing the @findex entries.

Is this a known issue, or is there another command which allows an index to be used twice? (first time for printing, second time for merging into cp) I'm using makeinfo 4.8.

@node LilyPond commands
@appendix LilyPond commands

@printindex fn

@node LilyPond index
@appendix LilyPond index

@c  This produces the unified index
@syncodeindex fn cp
@syncodeindex vr cp

@printindex cp

- Graham Percival, LilyPond Documentation Editor

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