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Re: [help-texinfo] texi2dvi: AUC-TeX and depots

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: [help-texinfo] texi2dvi: AUC-TeX and depots
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 10:05:34 +0200
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>>> "Karl" == Karl Berry <address@hidden> writes:

 >     +  . pdftexi2dvi is a new wrapper to `texi2dvi --pdf', equal to texi2pdf,
 >     +    for sake of AUC-TeX which prepends `pdf' to the compilation command
 >     +    when requested to produce PDF.

 > Seems ugly.  We already have one pointless wrapper, texi2pdf.  Do we
 > really need to add another?  Is it not feasible for auctex to add an if
 > statement to avoid this?  Or how about simply making an alias for
 > yourself, since I rather suspect that the intersection of auctex and
 > texi2dvi users is a single person :)?

I'm not that sure!  But I'm definitely the first to finally is able to
use both texi2dvi and AUC-TeX simultaneously (before I used AUC-TeX
only for editing, and texi2dvi to compile, also AUC-TeX is a much
better environment to compile than texi2dvi and the shell).

So I guess some more people are likely to make the move if it proves
useful.  And indeed texi2dvi does provide some services that AUC-TeX
does not support.  I made this NEWS addition precisely to prompt
AUC-TeX users.

I agree pdftexi2dvi is bad, but that's really how AUC-TeX works --
currently.  But it will be zillions of years before all the
installations of AUC-TeX have a support for a different means to
request PDF.  And after all, there's a de facto standard here!

 >     +  -d, --depot=DIR  specify where the tidy compilation is performed.

 > I don't especially like the term `depot', since I associate it with
 > source code repositories.  How about simply --tidy-dir, or --directory
 > if there's a chance it will sometime be used in other modes?

I didn't like it either, but before it was -w, --where ;)  I don't
like --tidy-dir, too long, and neither --directory, too meaningless.

Actually this directory behaves very much like a depot.  And I doubt
people will believe texi2dvi provides VCS services ;)

There are some more issues to improve the support of AUC-TeX.  In
particular it wants to see the .aux file, which is troublesome with

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