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ePHARMACY - VIA.GRA, Soma, Celebrex - PRICES SLASHED...chinara

From: Frederick Torres
Subject: ePHARMACY - VIA.GRA, Soma, Celebrex - PRICES SLASHED...chinara
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 15:41:10 -0100

Wholesale Prescription Medications

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Heartburn: nexium--prevacid--prilosec

Herpes Treatment: aldara--condylox--denavir--valtrex

Men's Health: propecia--viaegra

Motion Sickness: transderm--scop

Pain Relief: celebrex--fioricet--tramadol--ultram--vioxx

Muscle Relaxers--cyclobenzaprine--flexeril--skelaxin--soma--zanaflex

Skin Care: renova--retin a--metrogel--temovate

Sleep Aid: ambien--sonata

Stop Smoking: zyban


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