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Re: @documentencoding, `makeinfo --enable-encoding' and texi2dvi

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: @documentencoding, `makeinfo --enable-encoding' and texi2dvi
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2003 15:24:45 -0400

    autoconf apparently isn't new enough to bootstrap CVS HEAD).

I'm just using the latest released version (2.57)?

    Below[1] is a patch

Thanks.  Happily it seems the browsers like the lower case names too.  I
installed it.

    $ LC_ALL=greek emacs -no-site-file -q -f info

    (info)Top will display "7" (7 -- greek-iso-8bit (alias: iso-8859-7))
    in the mode line.  When entering a iso-8859-1 node, it should change
    to "1" and display e.g. ÄÖÜäöü (AOUaou with diaeresis) correctly.
    Else you will see e.g. "Delta" instead of @"A and "phi" instead of @"o

Thank you again!  This is very helpful.


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