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Re: (fwd) tetex-extra: texi2pdf: clicking bookmarks lands past spot want

From: Hilmar Preusse
Subject: Re: (fwd) tetex-extra: texi2pdf: clicking bookmarks lands past spot wanted
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2003 19:01:12 +0200
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On 08.08.03 Karl Berry (address@hidden) wrote:


> > Me again: version 2003-05-04.08
> Since has been down for a week (sigh, sigh, sigh), an
> alternate location is  It's also on
> every CTAN and GNU mirror.  However, don't bother right now,
> because ...
Well I asked google, but every mirror told me that there was file
corruption on gnu, which went over to the mirrors and that stuff
should be back RSN. I don't know if I checked

> > acroread jumps to the top of the page, where the bookmark should
> > be located on. If the magnification of the view is high enough
> > (400%) you not necessarily see the headline you clicked on.
> > Acroread don't jump if I click sequentially on 2 bookmarks, which
> > should be located on the same page. Maybe it's a bug of
> > acroread....
> ... now I understand.  I can reproduce that bug.  I did not think of
> going to 400% magnification.
And a similar phenomenon you should see, if you click on an internal
link. The headline, which should be visible ist a little bit above
the visible area.
Sorry for not making a thorough description from the beginning.
Thanks for your cooperation. I'll mark that bug as forwarded to whom? 

sigmentation fault

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