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Re: (fwd) tetex-extra: texi2pdf: clicking bookmarks lands past spot want

From: Hilmar Preusse
Subject: Re: (fwd) tetex-extra: texi2pdf: clicking bookmarks lands past spot wanted
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2003 11:02:18 +0200
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On 03.08.03 Karl Berry (address@hidden) wrote:

Hello Karl,

> > There is a bug sitting in the Debian Bug Tracking system now for 4
> > years 
> I've never seen it before.  Please forward all Texinfo-related bug
> to address@hidden  (Sending them to Thomas and the teTeX
> maintainers just introduces another step where they can get lost.)
Even that was never done. I've send it to help-texinfo@ as I didn't
want to open a (possibly) bogus bug in an (possibly) existing BTS.

> > and it still seems to be reproducible. 
> Unfortunately, I wasn't able to reproduce it.  I created info-stnd.pdf
> from the doc/info-stnd.texi document in the Texinfo distribution, and
> clicked on all the bookmarks (both chapters and sections), and they all
> took me to the right place, as far as I could tell.
Well, I took pcl-cvs.texi, which belongs to xemacs21-basesupport in
Debian as an example, texinfo 2003-02-03.16 and acroread 5.06. When I
click on the bookmarks at the left side the view doesn't jump to the
headlines I was clicking on, but rather to any point on the page...

> I was testing with acrobat since I couldn't get either xpdf or gv
> to show me the bookmarks (can you tell me how to enable this?).
Well, I was speaking accidentally about another phenomenon: When I
click on a link, which points to another headline inside the
document, the headline I want to reach is shortly above the visible
area. Maybe that is intended.

> So, please send me the Texinfo document in question and the
> bookmark being clicked on, and I can look further.
I'll do it in personal mail if you like.

> Also, if you're still using the texinfo.tex from teTeX 1.0 or
> whatever, there have been a lot of fixes in this area since then. 
> You can get the latest from
> (among a zillion other places, the current version is
> 2003-07-28.08), if need be.
OK, will be my next step. I'll try to reproduce that bug with another
version of Acrobat Reader.

Many Thanks,
sigmentation fault

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